Matthew Schellhorn


zone (2006)
for solo piano | 8'30 | UK Premiere 2012
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    Matthew Schellhorn gave the UK premiere of zone by Irish composer Linda Buckley as part of his recital for the 2012 Walled City Music Festival in Derry, Northern Ireland. The piece is a calculated and cleverly paced work.
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    I tend to be drawn towards titles which are ambiguous and the word 'zone' carries a few different meanings.

    One is the flow state entered when composing or performing. You are 'in the zone'; you are so focused on what you are doing you block out the external world.

    The other meaning relates to the layout of an imaginary city, with skyscrapers gleaming over an intricate grid-system or 'zones' – patterns that recur but veer off in different directions, an almost surreal imagining of a futuristic city.

    © 2013 Linda Buckley
  • PerformancesOpen or Close
    2 August 2012
    Walled City Music Festival, Derry, UK
    UK Premiere
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