Matthew Schellhorn


SEÁN CLANCY (b. 1984)
Fourteen Minutes of Music on the Subject of Greetings Cards (2013)
for flute, violin and piano | 14' | UK Premiere 2014
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    Matthew Schellhorn gave the UK Premiere of Seán Clancy's Fourteen Minutes of Music on the Subject of Greetings Cards in the 2014 Little Missenden Festival with Aisha Orazbayeva (violin) and Audrey Milhères (flute).
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    Fourteen Minutes of Music on the Subject of Greeting Cards is an artistic intervention on Deepest Sympathy by the video artist David Theobald, which I had the fortune of experiencing sometime in August 2012 at the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham. Similarly to Theobald's piece, my work here offers a biography of an unnamed protagonist from the cradle to the grave with all of their trials and tribulations neatly summarised in a collection of pithy phrases found on greeting cards.

    As I am becoming increasing interested in my pieces having no more than one overt action over an extended period of time, rather than revealing the narrative to the audience (although it is revealed to the performers), what I offer the listener in this instance is a musical representation of my own experience of Theobald’s piece. By so doing, I hope to have provided enough time and space to really listen to, and contemplate each sound’s existence and their relationship (or lack of) to every other sound around them.

    © 2013 Seán Clancy
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    6 October 2014
    Little Missenden Festival, UK; with Aisha Orazbayeva (violin), Audrey Milhères (flute)
    UK Premiere
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