Matthew Schellhorn


JANE O'LEARY (b. 1946)
From the crest of a green wave (1993)
for solo piano | 5' | World Premiere 2007
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    Jane O'Leary's From the crest of a green wave was premiered in the UK by Matthew Schellhorn during a recital in Cambridge. This atmospheric short piece resembles a series of reflections, in which a small amount of material is subtly developed.
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    The work moves through a series of episodes, each growing out of common musical material and linked by a fascination with repetition, clusters of notes, and the juxtaposition of sustained notes and sounds of short duration. All of these elements are introduced in the opening two bars of music.

    The piece follows a journey in time where moods shift suddenly and colours blend and merge. One may think of it as an imaginary narrative (with some surprises), or a walk in the woods. One should take time to listen closely to the mingling sounds, expect the unexpected, and enjoy both the forward motion and stillness of silent expectation.

    The title is taken from A Music by the Irish poet Brendan Kennelly and captures the spirit in which the work was composed and is now passed onto performers and listeners. It was written in September 1993 at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Annaghmakerrig, Co. Monaghan.

    © Jane O’Leary

    It is not a music that will live alone
    Or be acquired
    For good by any man.
    It was taken from the crest of a green wave
    By a man among rocks
    Who thought it sweet enough to beat the grave
    And shaped it to the heartbeat that he knew.

    (from A Music by Brendan Kennelly)

    Picture: Gwen O'Dowd
  • PerformancesOpen or Close
    22 January 2007
    West Road, Cambridge, UK
    UK Premiere
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