Matthew Schellhorn


Aulos (2008)
for clarinet and piano | 11' | World Premiere 2008
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    Peter Wiegold's Aulos was commissioned by clarinettist Peter Sparks for his duo recital with Matthew Schellhorn in the Park Lane Group Young Artists' New Year Series 2008.
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    To follow.
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    11 January 2008
    Purcell Room, London, UK (with Peter Sparks, clarinet)
    World Premiere

    19 March 2008
    St James's Picadilly, London, UK (with Peter Sparks, clarinet)
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    Peter Sparks had assembled a diverse showcase ... and if the premiere of Peter Wiegold's Aulos (2007) impressed more as an event than as music, the interplay of Sparks and pianist Matthew Schellhorn amply confirmed their artistic rapport
    The Classical Source
    Sparks and Schellhorn concluded their set with the premiere Peter Wiegold's Aulos. In this, fast and furious passages inspired by Bacchanalian dance, alternate with quieter moments reflecting the stillness and coldness of the night. The result is almost a rondo and concludes with a puzzling coda where the clarinettist has to wander off the stage. ... Sparks and Schellhorn are definitely players to watch
    Planet Hugill
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