Matthew Schellhorn


TOBY YOUNG (b. 1990)
Pretty Stories (and Funny Pictures) (2014)
for soprano and piano | 5' | World Premiere 2014
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    Matthew Schellhorn will join soprano Susanna Fairbairn to give the World Premiere of this song cycle in the 2014 Harwich Festival of the Arts.
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    I – The Story of the Thumbsucker
    II – The Story of Augustus (Marcia Funèbre)
    III – The Story of Flying Robert (Scherzo Fantastico)
    IV – The Story of Cruel Frederick
    V – The Dreadful Story of the Matches

    Pretty Stories (and Funny Pictures) is a cycle of five songs for soprano and piano that set the simultaneously charming and grotesque words of Heinrich Hoffmann’s Struwwelpeter. Each story is a highly original and surreal cautionary tale, showing the dangers of innocent acts like thumb-sucking and daydreaming. The musical language of the work explores a hinterland between childhood innocence and adult depravity, with – like Hoffmann’s original – the superficial playfulness hiding something much more sinister beneath the surface. It is dedicated to Susanna Fairbairn, whose delightful excitement for new music has inspired so much of this work.

    © 2014 Toby Young
  • PerformancesOpen or Close
    4 July 2014
    Harwich Festival
    with Susanna Fairbairn (soprano)
    World Premiere
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